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Photo Part Number Manufacturer Package Description Quantity ROHS Remark Application/Parameter Inquiry
IW7029 IW7029 IWATT QFP 18+ 5000 IW7029 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IW7029 Application/Parameter
IW1782-00 IW1782-00 IWATT SOP8 18+ 80000 IW1782-00 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IW1782-00 Application/Parameter
IW627H-00 IW627H-00 IWATT SOT23-6 18+ 10000 IW627H-00 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IW627H-00 Application/Parameter
IT8500E IT8500E ITE QFN 18+ 6000 IT8500E RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IT8500E Application/Parameter
ISL8012IRZ-T ISL8012IRZ-T INTERSIL QFN 18+ 6000 ISL8012IRZ-T RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 ISL8012IRZ-T Application/Parameter
ISL6617AFRZ-TS2568 ISL6617AFRZ-TS2568 INTERSIL QFN 18+ 5000 ISL6617AFRZ-TS2568 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 ISL6617AFRZ-TS2568 Application/Parameter
ISL1208IB8Z-TKS2718 ISL1208IB8Z-TKS2718 INTERSIL SOP 18+ 5000 ISL1208IB8Z-TKS2718 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 ISL1208IB8Z-TKS2718 Application/Parameter
IS43DR16320C-25DBLI IS43DR16320C-25DBLI ISSI BGA 18+ 1000 IS43DR16320C-25DBLI RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IS43DR16320C-25DBLI Application/Parameter
IS25LP064A-JBLE-TR IS25LP064A-JBLE-TR ISSI SOP8 18+ 15000 IS25LP064A-JBLE-TR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IS25LP064A-JBLE-TR Application/Parameter
IRFH7914TRPBF IRFH7914TRPBF IR QFN 18+ 100000 IRFH7914TRPBF RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IRFH7914TRPBF Application/Parameter
IRF7424TRPBF IRF7424TRPBF IR SOP-8 18+ 30000 IRF7424TRPBF RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IRF7424TRPBF Application/Parameter
IR3628MTRPBF IR3628MTRPBF IR QFN12 18+ 30000 IR3628MTRPBF RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IR3628MTRPBF Application/Parameter
IR2130STRPBF IR2130STRPBF INFINEON/IR SOP-28 18+ 20000 IR2130STRPBF RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IR2130STRPBF Application/Parameter
IR2104STRPBF IR2104STRPBF INFINEON SOP-8 18+ 50000 IR2104STRPBF RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IR2104STRPBF Application/Parameter
IP108A-LF IP108A-LF ICPLUS QFP128 18+ 50000 IP108A-LF RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IP108A-LF Application/Parameter
INA271AIDR INA271AIDR TI SOP8 18+ 5000 INA271AIDR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 INA271AIDR Application/Parameter
INA216A1RSWR INA216A1RSWR TI UQFN 18+ 20000 INA216A1RSWR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 INA216A1RSWR Application/Parameter
IM03GR IM03GR TE DIP 18+ 3000 IM03GR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IM03GR Application/Parameter
IDT6116SA55DB IDT6116SA55DB IDT CDIP24 18+ 800 IDT6116SA55DB RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IDT6116SA55DB Application/Parameter
IDT74LVC162374APV IDT74LVC162374APV IDT SSOP 18+ 800 IDT74LVC162374APV RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IDT74LVC162374APV Application/Parameter
IDT72V245L15PFI IDT72V245L15PFI IDT QFP 18+ 1000 IDT72V245L15PFI RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 IDT72V245L15PFI Application/Parameter
ICS8516YILF ICS8516YILF IDT QFP 18+ 1000 ICS8516YILF RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 ICS8516YILF Application/Parameter
IMX322LQJ-C IMX322LQJ-C SONY CLCC NEW D/C 4600 IMX322LQJ-C RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! IMX322LQJ-C Application/Parameter
ISL9219IRZ-T ISL9219IRZ-T INTERSIL QFN-20 NEW D/C 4450 ISL9219IRZ-T RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! ISL9219IRZ-T Application/Parameter
IS07341FCQDWQ1 IS07341FCQDWQ1 TI SOIC16 NEW D/C 2600 IS07341FCQDWQ1 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! IS07341FCQDWQ1 Application/Parameter
IS07310CQDQ1 IS07310CQDQ1 TI SOIC8 NEW D/C 2500 IS07310CQDQ1 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! IS07310CQDQ1 Application/Parameter
IRFI740GP8F IRFI740GP8F IR TO-220F NEW D/C 4800 IRFI740GP8F RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! IRFI740GP8F Application/Parameter
IRF9540NPBF IRF9540NPBF IR TO-220 NEW D/C 88000 IRF9540NPBF RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! IRF9540NPBF Application/Parameter
IRF3515STRLPBF IRF3515STRLPBF IR TO-263 NEW D/C 6588 IRF3515STRLPBF RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! IRF3515STRLPBF Application/Parameter
INA126EA/250 INA126EA/250 TI MSOP-8 NEW D/C 4300 INA126EA/250 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! INA126EA/250 Application/Parameter
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